Our Programs


Learn By Doing

Play based learning is core to everything we do at Birra Li Early Education Centre. We aim to balance spontaneous experience with intentional learning to help children enjoy their time with us and develop a lifelong love of learning.  We encourage children to have their own agency and be involved in making decisions about their development. 



Foundational Focus

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Pre - Reading & Writing

Children are encouraged to develop a love of language and comunication through reading and self expression. 

Pre - Mathematics

Gaining an understanding of quantity, weight, size, shapes and spacial awarenes through play 

The World Around Us

Learning in the environent through play is a great way for children to learn about the world around them


We encourage children to develop their own sense of identity and work to build strong, resilient children.

Additional Programs

Learning isn’t just about reading and writing. Play, movement, and music are fundamental elements for a child’s development. 

Junior Goals

Our soccer program helps children develop coordination and strong bodies as well as combining early learning. 

Salsa Dancing

Children love to express themselves through dance and our salsa program helps encourage movement and expresssion. 

Community Outreach

The children enjoy weekly visits to Braemar Village helping them develop a sense of community and belonging





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Location: 1 Stacey Street WILLAGEE 6156

Telephone: (08) 9331 3737

Email: birraliccc@gmail.com

Opening Hours: M-F: 6:45am - 6pm